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Dedicated Office





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HOST is the only business hosting company that provides integrated technology, coupled with automation, on-demand staff support and professional office space.


Business Function Home Based Office HOST Business Services
Rental Space (120 ft @ $1.20) $145/mo Included
Office Furnishings (desk, file cabinets, pictures, plants, chairs, etc...) $90/mo Included
Telephone Service (dedicated business & fax numbers with voicemail) $60/mo Included
Telephone & Fax Equipment (multiline speaker phone w/message light) $25/mo Included
Property Taxes & Common area Expenses $50/mo Included
Hi Speed Internet $50/mo Included
Custom web address & 5 e-mail addresses $20/mo Included
Utilities (Electric, Water, Garbage) $80/mo Included
Daily Janitorial Service & Paper Supplies $50/mo Included
Shared Receptionist (call screening & messages) $200/mo Included
Conference rooms, Temporary offices & Kitchen facilities $250/mo Included
Hi Speed Copier/Printer $25/mo Included
Other Services (Notary, Package Delivery & Shipping, Mailroom Services) ? Included
Monthly Cost Comparison $1,045 $550
Annual Savings   $6,000
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