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Host Packages and Pricing

Local Business Phone Number

  • We provide a local, business phone number for you at no additional cost, or you can bring your own phone number to our office. You can also have additional local phone numbers and extensions for your different business functions or employees (see additional services).
  • Receive a Complimentary Business Listing in Multiple Phone Books

Dedicated Business Fax Number with Automatic Fax to Email
  • Receive your faxes right to your email in a PDF format, so you can view them anytime from anywhere for no additional charge.

Outgoing Email to Fax Capabilities
  • Send a fax directly from your email. Allows you the flexibility of sending a fax without being at a fax machine; just attach the document to an email and send.

Customized Auto-Attendant with Call Forwarding to Cell or Home Office Phone
  • Professionally recorded business greeting played when a customer calls. "Thank you for calling, please hold..." This service is available with your office phone number as well as with your cell phone.
Voicemail with Email Notification - 24/7 Remote Access
  • Receive an email with an audio file attached each time you get a voicemail, so you can listen to your messages anytime and from anywhere.

Automated Call Screening (Optional)
  • Customize the professionally recorded options provided to your callers: "Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for Voicemail, etc" Callers will then be forwarded to you or other members of your team, according to your directions.

On-Demand Conference Calls
  • Multiple Conference Call Bridge numbers available as-needed to use with up to 10 people. Collaborate with your entire team at once.

Web Based Private Office and Conference Room Scheduling
  • You're in control to schedule rooms anywhere you have internet access, even on short notice.

"Cell Phone as an Office" (Connecting your Cell Phone as an Extension to our Office System)
  • Our live receptionists can still answer your incoming calls and transfer callers to your cell phone as if you were in the office.
Web-Based Command Center for Call Handling Management
  • You're in control of how we answer your phone calls. Change your greeting anytime, or give instructions when you will be unavailable. These directions are immediately available to our live receptionists.


Office Package Phone Package Office & Phone Package
Office Services Professional Street Address Ö - Ö
Mail Collection and Handling Ö - Ö
8 Hours of Private Office Space or Conference Room Usage(24/7) Ö - Ö
Live Main Lobby Receptionist During Business Hours Ö - Ö
High Speed Internet in offices & conference rooms Ö - Ö
High Speed Copier/Scanner (24/7 Access) Ö - Ö
Web Based Private Office and Conference Room Scheduling Ö - Ö
50 Black & White Copies Ö - Ö
5 Notarized documents Ö - Ö

Phone Services Local Business Phone Number or Existing Number - Ö Ö
Dedicated Business Fax Number with Fax to Email - Ö Ö
Customized Auto-Attendant with Call Forwarding - Ö Ö
Voicemail with Email Notification (24/7 Access) - Ö Ö
Outgoing Email to Fax - Ö Ö
Automated Call Screening - Ö Ö
On-Demand Conference Calls - Ö Ö
Unlimited Local - Ö Ö
100 Long Distance Minutes - Ö Ö

Monthly Package Price $99 $99 $149

Receptionist Services Live Receptionist for Call Answering - Ö Ö
Live Call Screening, Transferring and Forwarding - Ö Ö
Calendar and Appointment Scheduling - Ö Ö
Order Processing and Customer Service - Ö Ö
Live Inbound Sales Support - Ö Ö
Conference Call Support (Scheduled) - Ö Ö
Cell Phone as an Office Integration - Ö Ö
Web Based Command Center for Call Handling Management - Ö Ö
Appointment Call Reminders for Patients - Ö Ö
Order Processing and Customer Service - Ö Ö
Invoice Collections - Ö Ö
Rescheduling Customers - Ö Ö
100 Live Minutes - Ö Ö

Monthly Package Price Including Receptionist - $149 $199

*Additional Business Services are available on as needed basis including; Sales, Marketing, Advertising,

Customer Relations, Office Management, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Legal/Compliance


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